Scorpio Love and Tarot Horoscope – Thursday, June 04, 2020

Daily tarot reading

You are about to enter a period in your life in which you will be reserved and distrustful of other people. You will find yourself feeling worn out by the problems of everyday life and overwhelmed with pessimism. You will shut yourself off from the world in order to regain your inner strength. You will experience a sense of loneliness and betrayal. You will be psychologically vulnerable and will go though many emotional ups-and-downs. Beware of the advice of a woman who is jealous of you, and try to pull yourself together!

Love Tarot Card

Today’s love tarot card is the Justice card in its reversed position. When this card comes out of the deck upside-down, the sword of Justice points to a lack of balance. For couples, this can mean one or both parties failing to live up to the relationship contract. That can mean anything something as serious as infidelity or gambling away the mortgage money. Or it can simply mean failing to do the dishes or take out the garbage. This is a time to assess the relationship’s strengths and weaknesses. Determine whether to restore balance or end it. For single people, the upside-down Justice card may reveal some personal imbalance thwarts their desire for love. This could be anything from workaholism to porn addiction. The reversed Justice card can also mean a single person whose perfectionism blocks their quest for romance.

Daily career tarot

Your professional and financial life has stagnated. You are having a hard time coping with the obstacles you have encountered. You feel like your efforts are going to waste – but this is not true. This period is a test for you; it is meant to motivate you to fight even harder for your dreams! Don’t give up; you are very close to achieving your goals, so you have to keep trying. You will be intimidated by the changes you will be faced with, but the developments that are about to take place in your professional life will teach you a very important lesson: No pain, no gain.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Today is a day of love. You and your partner can expect to spend the day together in the way you two have always dreamed of. Meeting up early in the morning is a good sign. Share a meal at your favorite restaurant. In case you feel like spending, a spa treatment or a shopping spree is a good idea. While dining together, candlelight is a good sign.

There are certain things you want to confide in your partner. Your relationship has lasted a long time and is destined to last forever provided you and your partner make sincere efforts towards it.

Confiding your deep secrets in your partner will not only make you feel better but will instill a sense of trust in your partner and strengthen the bond you two share, although while sharing, some tact and delicacy in the situation is advised.

If you intend on meeting each other’s parents or making a big decision, today is a good day to go ahead with it. While meeting the folks, exercise restraint and avoid unnecessary talk, flattery and controversial remarks.

Your relationship may have attracted some destructive elements who out of jealousy or rejected affections may try their hand again. Do not pay attention to them and instead focus on each other and assure each other that nothing can drive you apart.
Today is a free day and therefore free flowing garments will be a good attire option. Soft calm colors will enhance the mood even further.

Lucky colors – silver, sea green
Lucky numbers – 8, 12, 18, 24, 38