Scorpio Love Horoscope for Thursday, March 04, 2021

Daily tarot reading

The time has come for you to enjoy the fruit of your labour. After a demanding and wearisome period in your life, you’re finally about to earn what you have been aspiring to: recognition! The issues you have been preoccupied with are gradually being resolved and you are very close to attaining the balance and stability you have been seeking! A weight is being lifted off your shoulders, and you are starting to look at life with greater optimism and hope. The Justice card indicates that you will adopt an honest and direct attitude that will be beneficial to all aspects of your everyday life.

Love Tarot Card

The love tarot card for today is the High Priestess. The High Priestess counsels you to listen more deeply to your intuition. Your inner wisdom, rather than the advice of friends, will help you find romantic fulfillment. Pay attention to your dreams– they might harbor messages to guide you. This is a period of nesting and retreat. Couples benefit from time spent alone together rather than socializing with others. If you are single, remember to nurture and pamper yourself. Self-care gives you a burnished glow which makes others find you more attractive. If your love life is unsatisfying, pay attention to your home, especially the bedroom. Clutter can act as a deterrent to romance. Create a space which feels like a welcoming, romantic retreat. Beware of sounding demanding or needy when talking with your lover. An aura of reserve and self-sufficiency enhances your allure.

Daily career tarot

Your star is shining bright again! You are making new acquaintances, you are establishing new partnerships, and there are several positive developments in your professional life. Your professional success is guaranteed, as you overcame all the difficulties and obstacles you encountered and you proved your worth. You feel more confident in yourself and are making plans for a better professional and financial future. Nothing seems impossible to you; your creativity, inspiration and optimism will help you make the right choices in your career and accomplish your goals. Luck is on your side, and you will receive significant support from those around you.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

The time is perfect to take a careful look at the state of your romantic life. You have let it become highly cluttered. This is mostly due to an innate desire to leave things undisturbed. In addition, external factors have also influenced your decision. But both the physical and the mental clutter need urgent cleaning and you can achieve the most in this regard today. Take a careful inventory.

When you find anything that is either holding you back or just taking up unnecessary space, do not hesitate to discard it. You have been almost fearful of letting this clutter go, but today you will be filled with a surge of confidence that will help you to clear up your romantic life. You will also be able to clearly see people as what they are rather than through the rose tinted glasses that you tend to put on.

Your partner has a much clearer and concise view of the relationship. Your partner may be carrying enough baggage, but this has not prevented him / her to enter wholeheartedly into the relationship. It is not the baggage of your partner that is affecting you.

In fact, your partner has been very patient in putting up with your clutter. So, now when you show willingness to clear things up, you are going to receive a lot of enthusiastic support from that quarter. The result of this massive cleaning project will be a more open and fulfilling relationship.

Lucky color: chocolate, golden, sienna
Lucky number: 3, 87, 34