Scorpio Love Horoscope for Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Daily tarot reading

You are about to experience changes in your life that will fill you with energy and enthusiasm. New roads are opening up before you, and they are full of great experiences and opportunities. You will make some crucial decisions about your life and will not hesitate to take risks and to stir the stagnant waters of your everyday routine. You will be spontaneous in your behaviour, but you will also have a tendency to carelessness and impulsiveness, so you will have to be careful not to make mistakes you will later regret. Enjoy this period of your life while making sure you behave in a prudent, rational manner.

Love Tarot Card

Today the love tarot deck gives us the Strength card reversed. The card’s upright position conveys an equilibrium between strength and sensitivity, but the reversed card reveals an imbalance. You or your partner may succumb to your addictions or shadow side. The levels of power in your relationship appear mismatched. One of you behaves like a bully; the other person feels like a victim. Ego and pride create barriers between the two of you. You quarrel over money issues. Rather than dealing with a relationship issue in a mature way, you either hide from it or lash out in anger. Your resentment towards your ex-lover prevents you from finding a new romance. In order to avoid being single, you settle for a lover you don’t respect.

Daily career tarot

Your intuition is peaking and helping you sort out some professional and financial matters that have been puzzling you for a long time. Follow your instinct: it is currently very reliable and will guide you in the right direction. Try to avoid impulse spending. You are prone to making plans that are not grounded in reality. If you feel tempted to act in secret, lie or hide the truth about a professional or financial matter, keep in mind that, sooner or later, it will all come out in the open; so try to behave as prudently as possible!

Scorpio Love Horoscope

There seems to be a slight snag in your love life as your partner seems to be closemouthed about some issue that is troubling him/her. As you are concerned about him/her, you wish to help. But you do not know how to handle the situation.

You and your partner have no secrets between each other. There is a high value of trust between the two of you which gives a strong foundation to the relationship you both share. Therefore, seeing your partner worried makes you anxious.

Your partner is a very independent individual who believes in handling his/her own life and addressing the issues that come with it. Although he/she acknowledges your presence as important in your life, he/she feels uncomfortable asking for help.

In your case, you can help your partner but it will require great tact and patience to convince your partner to take your help. Instead of directly offering help, it will be a great idea to take your partner out today on a casual walk or coffee at your favorite cafe and gradually get him/her to confide in you. Try to avoid bright colors and sharp objects as they may sow discord in the air and among the two of you.

Your partner trusts you and will open up in time allowing you to help him/her. A simple walk by water will have a calming influence which will help in solving the issue. All is well in your love life.

Lucky colors – white, light blue
Lucky numbers – 3, 10, 14, 20, 27