Scorpio Love Horoscope for Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Daily tarot reading

The period lying ahead of you will be characterised by joy, vitality and creativity! It will have a revitalising effect on every aspect of your life (career, finances, family, romantic relationships). You will be driven by a fervent desire for personal development and growth, and will let nothing stand in the way of your ambitions. You will look at certain matters from a different perspective, adopt a new mindset and make a fresh start in your life. You will be filled with passion and joie de vivre, and will be extremely generous to those around you – both materially and emotionally. The support you will offer to other people, as well as the support you will receive from them, will give you strength. The Empress’ message to you is: “Set your creativity free, put your ideas into practice, express your love freely; know that a new path is opening up before you, and it will be nothing but a pleasure for you to travel it”!

Love Tarot Card

The Hermit card slips out of the love tarot deck upside-down today. The reversed Hermit suggests that the card’s positive qualities are blocked, rejected or exaggerated. Your partner withdraws from intimacy because of some emotional issue. He or she may need to seek counseling. Or you ignore the need to spend time alone, immersing yourself in a social whirl because you fear introspection. To relate deeply to others, it is necessary to forge a connection with your own deepest self. You and your lover have lost a sense of connection. Each of you feels alone in the relationship. If you are single, you experience loneliness now rather than self-sufficiency. Persistent feelings of abandonment because of past experiences hinder your love life. You may be holding on to an unhealthy relationship out of fear of being alone.

Daily career tarot

You want to turn everything upside down and make drastic changes in your professional and financial life! You are in a risk-taking mood and unwilling to pursue your goals by playing it safe and steady; you want to take the quick and easy path to success. Your overenthusiasm and impulsiveness are causing you to make mistakes. Your ill-advised actions are threatening the stability of your career and finances.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

It has been a tiring day for you in the work front as well as domestic front. You have had to fulfill a lot of expectations and it has been taking a toll on you. You cannot wait for the day to be over just so that you can unwind with your partner and be comfortable in their presence.

Your partner has an extremely caring and reassuring nature that draws you towards him/her. While you tend to worry a lot and make a big deal out of situations, your partner is the calming influence in your life. He/she tends to weigh situations rationally and help you see reason whenever you fail to see it. At the same time, you live in the moment and try to make every moment count, thus providing the much needed adventure in your relationship. Your partner meanwhile provides the anchor of your love life.

Therefore, quickly complete all the pending work and make a beeline for your partner’s place. Do not make any elaborate plans. Instead focus on simple pleasures like a home cooked meal prepared together or a mug of steaming coffee.

If you plan to go for some rejuvenation outside, yoga is a good idea. Today is a day for simple pleasures. Soft music, subtle incense and a bubble bath may help ease away tensions. Today might show indications for big decisions. But they are just coincidences. Right now, live in the moment.

Lucky colors – beige, tan brown
Lucky numbers – 4, 5, 19, 21, 34