Taurus Horoscope – Monday, October 26, 2020

Daily tarot reading

You are about to go through major changes in your life – and you will be unable to control or prevent them. These developments will be completely unanticipated and will catch you off guard. You will feel overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty because the stability of your life will be threatened. You will have to keep in mind that all these changes will be for the best, as they will help you disengage yourself from emotionally draining situations. A new road is about to open up before you, and it will be very promising; you will have no reason to be afraid to travel it!

Love Tarot Card

Today the love tarot deck gives us the Strength card reversed. The card’s upright position conveys an equilibrium between strength and sensitivity, but the reversed card reveals an imbalance. You or your partner may succumb to your addictions or shadow side. The rhythms of your sexual desires do no match those of your lover. The levels of power in your relationship appear mismatched. One of you behaves like a bully; the other person feels like a victim. Ego and pride create barriers between the two of you. You quarrel over money issues. Rather than dealing with a relationship issue in a mature way, you either hide from it or lash out in anger. Your resentment towards your ex-lover prevents you from finding a new romance. In order to avoid being single, you settle for a lover you don’t respect. You discover that you have a sexually transmitted disease.

Daily career tarot

You are making a new start in your professional and financial life, and it is filling you with satisfaction and vigour. You have the ability to overcome every possible obstacle. Your wishes are coming true, and your self-confidence will help you achieve all the goals you will set. There are people in your life who are willing to offer you their support at any given time. Some choices you made in the past with respect to your business and financial affairs may now turn out to have been spot-on. Stay in control of your life and rely on your own strength; your career and finances are on the right track.

Taurus Love Horoscope

You have recently entered a relationship and are very excited about it. Both of you wish to express how happy you are and discuss with your partner about the relationship, the ups and downs.

Both of you are apprehensive to bring up the topic as you fear an adverse reaction from the other. Although you know each other well, there are certain issues in which you are not sure about each other. After all, you are learning every day.

Well, today is a favorable day to discuss all the issues and feelings about the relationship. While expressing, make it a point to assure each other how much you love each other. Your relationship has come from a very fruitful and deep friendship. Therefore, little issues will not cause any harm to the love you both share.

Instead of going to crowded places or densely inhabited spots, go for calmer locations or home or a large water body. This will provide an effective setting for you two today.

While discussing, be relaxed and do not raise tempers. Avoid sharp objects and thorny plants. In attire, go for mild patterns and not heavy embroidery. In short, try to maintain a calm atmosphere in and around you. In this manner, both of you will achieve what you wanted to say.

Do not aim for big decisions today as the astral opinion is to focus on the small yet significant issues of your love life. In time, everything will fall in place.

Lucky colors – salmon orange and bracken green
Lucky numbers – 3, 17, 21, 32, 41