Taurus Love and Tarot Horoscope – Monday, June 22, 2020

Daily tarot reading

You will find yourself feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions. You won’t lose hope, though; you will do everything in your power to make your desires a reality. However, you will often tend to let your emotions override your reason and to act impulsively, and you will sometimes have difficulty controlling your temper. You are very likely to get into quarrels, attempt to deceive someone or resort to lies to get your way. You will fail to maintain the stability of your life and to reap the fruit of your efforts. You will have to try to behave in a prudent, rational manner in order to avoid doing things you will later regret.

Love Tarot Card

Today’s love tarot card is the Death card. Although many people react with fear to this card, it rarely presages literal physical death. In tarot terms, Death is the necessary first step to transformation. You or your partner ends the relationship. The break-up opens the door to you finding new love. It can also mean the end of one phase of your relationship as your partnership undergoes a major transformation. If one of you has always been the breadwinner supporting the household, you now switch roles. The Death card sometimes means the death of some illusion. If one person in a couple idealized the other, a more realistic image replaces those rose-colored glasses. Or friends who played a major role in your life could move across the country. The Death card sometimes means it is time to shed some bad habit which could hurt the relationship. This card’s message is to accept change gracefully.

Daily career tarot

You are making a new start in your professional and financial life, and it is filling you with satisfaction and vigour. You have the ability to overcome every possible obstacle. Your wishes are coming true, and your self-confidence will help you achieve all the goals you will set. There are people in your life who are willing to offer you their support at any given time. Some choices you made in the past with respect to your business and financial affairs may now turn out to have been spot-on. Stay in control of your life and rely on your own strength; your career and finances are on the right track.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Your partner needs your help today. It may be something to do with the job or financial matter, but more likely, your partner needs your help to resolve some family issue.

However, your partner has almost vehemently denied any help from you in the past regarding this matter and will now be feeling too self conscious to actually ask for it. So, you need to be extra sensitive to the mood of your partner today. You should volunteer to help with the issues that have been bothering your partner.

Even now, your help may be denied, but this is a token protest. You need to realize that your support means a lot to your partner and it is essential to deal with the tricky situation that your partner is facing.

There is a time to let your partner enjoy his / her own space in the relationship, but this is not it. Instead, you need to press the issue and get your partner to confide in you. This can only be done if your partner is sure of your help and support.

Your partner is going to be extremely thankful for your support. He / she will be especially impressed at the way which you realized that he / she need your help in spite of all the protestation. This move on your part will significantly improve the depth of trust and belief in each other in your relationship.

Lucky color: azure, bottle green, cyan
Lucky number: 6, 21, 67