Taurus Love and Tarot Horoscope Sunday, May 03, 2020

Daily tarot reading

The Devil card reversed indicates that you are entering a period in your life that will be dominated by feelings of confusion and indecisiveness. You will be having a hard time sorting out your goals. You will find yourself in an impasse and won’t be open to ideas that could help you escape from it. You will be in a risk-taking mood and make mistakes you will later regret. Beware of lies and potential hurtful revelations.

Love Tarot Card

Today’s love tarot card is the Judgment card. This card accompanies a period of reawakening. Your interest in romance revives about a period of dormancy. If your love-life has become ho-hum, you and your sweetie turn up the sexual heat today. You realize your feelings about a casual lover have grown serious. Today brings synchronicities and surprises. You dream about an old lover, only to hear from them later that day. Sometimes the Judgment card relates to more serious positive events. You and your partner make a momentous decision together—to move to a new city together, to plan your wedding, or to become parents. Someone might come out of the closet today. If you are single, a seemingly casual meeting blossoms into a whirlwind romance. You and your lover feel as if you knew each other in a previous lifetime

Daily career tarot

You want to turn everything upside down and make drastic changes in your professional and financial life! You are in a risk-taking mood and unwilling to pursue your goals by playing it safe and steady; you want to take the quick and easy path to success. Your overenthusiasm and impulsiveness are causing you to make mistakes. Your ill-advised actions are threatening the stability of your career and finances.

Taurus Love Horoscope

You are, by nature, a methodical person and tackling every situation in your life with careful analysis has served you very well in the past. But now that there is a romantic interest in your life, you will find that this slow methodical approach is not working out very well.

The reason is that you are approaching the problem from a logical standpoint rather than from an emotional angle. However, love requires investment of your emotions.

So, you will need to abandon a lifetime of methods and habits and think of completely new ways to engage the interest of the person in whom you are interested. The task is not at all difficult, but it will require you to give up your carefully cultivated reserve.

On the other hand, the person in whom you are interested is likely to be confused and even hurt by your reticence. That person is eagerly waiting for a declaration from you.

But you are finding it difficult to verbalize your feelings. This person is very open and impulsive and tends to wear the heart on the sleeve. It is this openness which actually attracted you in the first place. But you will need to take the first step.

You will have to acknowledge and speak about your feelings before you can take a concrete step towards a lasting romantic partnership. Once you manage to open up, your partner will do the rest and you can be sure of receiving a commitment.

Lucky color: Orange, red, maroon
Lucky number: 31, 67, 22