Taurus Love and Tarot Horoscope – Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Daily tarot reading

The Hermit card indicates that you will go through a period of isolation, during which you will try to organise your thoughts and prioritise your desires. You will feel the need to temporarily withdraw from the world in order to achieve personal balance. You will carefully reflect on certain matters in order to gain in maturity and strength. You will try to learn from the mistakes you made in the past so as to avoid repeating them in the future. The period lying ahead of you may be one of solitude, but it will contribute to your spiritual growth and help you acquire experience and wisdom. This period of introspection will be short-lived but very beneficial to your personal development.

Love Tarot Card

Today’s love tarot card is the Magician. Days ruled by this card offer wonderful opportunities for creating positive change in your life. Don’t just sit around and daydream. Wisely use the knowledge, talents and tools at your disposal. Remain mindful today that words have power. Decisive actions can bring you rich rewards. Consciously direct your words and behavior towards achieving your goals. The Magician’s appearance signals an opportunity to shift your romantic life into high gear. If you are single, visualize your ideal lover, making a list of the qualities you seek. You possess charisma now to attract the love you want. Your confidence and charisma reach a peak today. You attract the romantic situation you desire through your magnetism. If you already have a partner, today provides a chance to take the relationship to a new level—whether emotionally, sexually or spiritually. If you have several lovers, the Magician card advises that you focus on just one person now.

Daily career tarot

The radical changes currently taking place in your professional and financial life are stressing you out. You are doing everything in your power to restore stability in your career and finances. You are trying to come to terms with an unpleasant situation that has recently arisen in your work environment and to find ways to escape the problems you are faced with and the dead end you have reached. You are making sacrifices and neglecting your personal life in order to put your financial affairs back in order.

Taurus Love Horoscope

You feel a need to spice up your romantic life today. You are secure in your relationship and have a deep regard for your partner. But you are feeling a little bored and you fear that you have fallen into a rut. So, today you will come up with innovative ideas to add a much needed zing to your romantic life.

You had demonstrated plenty of spontaneity and initiative during the early days of your relationship, but lately you have been content to let things be. It has seemed like too much of an effort. A new enthusiasm for romance fills you today and you will be exploring ideas to make your relationship more interesting. You may even try something kinky in the bedroom.

Act out your fantasies or build on the fantasies of your partner. You can even arrange to try a sport together which you love but have not revealed to your partner yet.

The boredom that has struck you today had also been affecting your partner who will be very glad to let you take the initiative to make the romance more interesting. Your partner will love whatever surprise you prepare and will be more than ready to try something different and new.

With this enthusiastic participation, you can anticipate rather an eventful day coming up. However, the responsibility of organizing a memorable evening lies with you though your partner will love whatever you arrange.

Lucky color: royal blue, peacock green, red
Lucky number: 7, 5, 31