Taurus Love Horoscope for Monday, September 27, 2021

Daily tarot reading

The Justice card reversed indicates that you will soon experience a sense of disappointment because your life will be thrown out of balance. You will go through a tough time in your relationship with those around you (family, friends, business partners/colleagues, romantic partner) and will feel like nobody is on your side. Someone will do you wrong, and this will make you lose your trust in them. Before jumping to conclusions and rushing to a guilty verdict, though, you should carefully consider whether things turned out the way they did because of you. Seeing that you will have a tendency to deny responsibility for your actions and to blame others for your own mistakes, you may do or say things that will drive away people you care about.

Love Tarot Card

The Hermit card slips out of the love tarot deck upside-down today. The reversed Hermit suggests that the card’s positive qualities are blocked, rejected or exaggerated. Your partner withdraws from intimacy because of some emotional issue. He or she may need to seek counseling. Or you ignore the need to spend time alone, immersing yourself in a social whirl because you fear introspection. To relate deeply to others, it is necessary to forge a connection with your own deepest self. You and your lover have lost a sense of connection. Each of you feels alone in the relationship. If you are single, you experience loneliness now rather than self-sufficiency. Persistent feelings of abandonment because of past experiences hinder your love life. You may be holding on to an unhealthy relationship out of fear of being alone.

Daily career tarot

Your ego is standing in the way of your professional and financial progress. One moment, you are indulging your material desires and going on a shopping spree; the next, you are regretting it and trying to clean up the mess! Your poor judgement is causing you to make mistakes. Some of your partners may be trying to deceive you. Give careful consideration to the offers you will receive.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Today you and your partner will feel great affinity for each other. As a result you two will decide to be together for the most part of the day.

Those who have been working together will be able to find ways to sneak out of the office and have a great time with their beloved. You will be eager to take as many initiatives as possible in order to delight your partner.

And to your surprise your partner is equally excited to nurture you with his or her love and care. Your beloved may even present you with your favorite items of utility or take you out for shopping.

This is a great time to please your partner, so you should not miss this chance of convincing your partner for yielding to your wishes. You two had always landed up in a dispute earlier whenever you guys have tried to discuss over certain topics.

But today you can argue over those things with your partner and win over him or her, luck in on your side. So strike the iron when it is hot.

However if things seem to go out of control then resort to the mechanism of retreating from the topic and let your partner breathe in some fresh air. Most probably today you can even cast a spell on your partner successfully. All you need to do is to dress in your best attire and just be yourself!

Lucky Colors: Scarlet, mustard, baby pink and florescent red.
Lucky numbers: 3, 6, 13, 20