Taurus Love Horoscope for Saturday, July 24, 2021

Daily tarot reading

Your ego will stand in the way of your personal ambitions. One moment, you will be giving priority to your own needs and completely ignoring those of everyone else; the next, you will be seeking the advice and support of those around you! Your poor judgement will cause you to make mistakes. Some people in your life may attempt to deceive you. Seeing that you will be going through a period of emotional vulnerability, you should try to work on your self-confidence and do as follows: Listen, think, decide and be understanding.

Love Tarot Card

The Lovers card was pulled from the love tarot deck in its reversed position today. This card often indicates someone trying to avoid decisions. Rather than making an honest choice, you may tell everyone what they want to hear. You have two or three lovers, but tell each of them, they are the only one. The upside-down Lovers card can also mean a series of choices has created a wedge between you and your partner. One of you accepts a job offer hundreds of miles away. Or your lover puts old friends ahead of your relationship. Maybe you have chosen career over love too many times, cancelling several dates. The two of you no longer jointly decide to prioritize your relationship over outside forces. The relationship does not end now, but it begins to crack.

Daily career tarot

Your professional and financial life has stagnated. You are having a hard time coping with the obstacles you have encountered. You feel like your efforts are going to waste – but this is not true. This period is a test for you; it is meant to motivate you to fight even harder for your dreams! Don’t give up; you are very close to achieving your goals, so you have to keep trying. You will be intimidated by the changes you will be faced with, but the developments that are about to take place in your professional life will teach you a very important lesson: No pain, no gain.

Taurus Love Horoscope

You have a way with words. Your presentation and the power to persuade people to agree to your point of view have stood you in good stead in the past. It has also helped you in your romantic dealings. Though your partner is a straight forward and practical person, he / she could not help but be swayed by your honeyed words.

However, this is a double edged sword and today you need to be especially careful in using it. Your words may hurt your partner badly today if you do not take care. Chances are high that you will have something of importance and of sensitive nature to say to your partner. Choose the time and place carefully. Your charm alone is not going to be enough this time. Make sure that you get your partner alone to discuss this matter. You require to sound sincere and heartfelt rather than poetic or flippant.

Since your partner has a strong streak of practicality, being wooed by your honeyed words has never sat very well with him / her. However, your partner harbors real feelings for you. So, when you speak sincerely and simply, you can be assured of a sympathetic and supportive ear. Your partner will be willing to help you and contribute in a very concrete way towards solving your problem. You just need to put a greater degree of trust in your partner’s feelings for you rather than on your ability to charm him / her.

Lucky color: purple, dark blue, violet
Lucky number: 5, 32, 98