Taurus Love Horoscope for Thursday, January 14, 2021

Daily tarot reading

The period lying ahead of you will be characterised by joy, vitality and creativity! It will have a revitalising effect on every aspect of your life (career, finances, family, romantic relationships). You will be driven by a fervent desire for personal development and growth, and will let nothing stand in the way of your ambitions. You will look at certain matters from a different perspective, adopt a new mindset and make a fresh start in your life. You will be filled with passion and joie de vivre, and will be extremely generous to those around you – both materially and emotionally. The support you will offer to other people, as well as the support you will receive from them, will give you strength. The Empress’ message to you is: “Set your creativity free, put your ideas into practice, express your love freely; know that a new path is opening up before you, and it will be nothing but a pleasure for you to travel it”!

Love Tarot Card

The Devil card emerges today from the love tarot deck. This card portrays some kind of trap. Your relationship feels like a prison. You see no possibility of either change or escape. You and/or your partner have become entangled in debt or addiction. One or both of you feel chained to a job you hate. Perhaps you and your spouse are locked in a pattern of endless arguments. Sometimes this card symbolizes an obsession with somebody unavailable. In any of these situations, the result is the same–you feel powerless. Yet, if you look at the image of the Devil card, you see the chains are loose enough to permit escape. In most situations, the Devil card represents only the illusion of imprisonment. You can extricate yourself, but the cure could feel as devastating as the disease. If you face crippling debt, you have to declare bankruptcy. Whatever the problem is, you will have to surrender the façade that everything is OK.

Daily career tarot

The World card indicates that your professional and financial success is guaranteed. Your thirst for professional prestige and financial security will finally be satisfied. You will excel in your career and build a solid foundation for your future; your accomplishments will fill you with satisfaction and happiness. You will be rewarded for your patience. The period lying ahead of you signals the beginning of a very promising chapter in your career. Things will be going so well that you will often feel like you are living in a dream – and yet it will all be real. You will soon go on a business trip that will be financially profitable.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Lately certain differences might have cropped up between the two of you! Today you and your significant other will again feel warmth in your relationship which had turned bitter and cold with time. Luckily you two may have an encounter with each other today and this will give a spark to a new beginning. Do not try to find reasons that why you two have bumped into each other again! It is Almighty’s way to unite the two of you again! Time to let go the hard feelings and regain your affection for each other.

You never know this may be your only chance to express your fondness for each other, and if you do not, then you may land up with someone whom you don’t deserve! There will be no escape or coming back! Consider every block as a learning opportunity and that has what has happened, two people have to fall apart at times to realize how much they need to be with each other.

Once you acknowledge the lesson then it will all come to a halt. So just deflate your egos and welcome back each other in one another’s life. Be curious about each other and how you have been living when you were no longer together. This will really inspire you to explore things which you had missed to, when you were together and while you guys were away from each other’s lives!

Lucky colors: Mulberry, jade and iris.
Lucky numbers: 3, 67, 89, 90