Taurus Love Horoscope for Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Daily tarot reading

Your mind is overflowing with thoughts and desires, but you are about to enter a period in your life that will be fraught with setbacks, obstacles and instability. Things will not go as desired. You will often find yourself wishing you could magically change everything in your life, but your inability to set a schedule and stick to it, combined with your indecisiveness, lack of courage, and unrealistic view of things, will prevent you from accomplishing your goals. You will often tend to hide (or even hide from) the truth, and your unwillingness to face unpleasant situations head-on will cause your problems to accumulate and spiral out of control.

Love Tarot Card

The love tarot deck’s card for today is the Hermit. Drawing this card suggests a need for introspection. Periods of honest personal reflection by both partners help sustain a healthy relationship. You and your lover may benefit from more time apart. This card can remind you and your lover to praise each other’s good qualities rather than criticizing flaws. You want your relationship to become more spiritual. If you are single, this card signals a time to examine your romantic desires. Instead of continuing to search for a partner, re-evaluate what you want in a relationship. The Hermit can represent someone who feels self-sufficient, uninterested in romance. The Hermit’s appearance can sometimes portend an encounter with a past love. These kind of meetings rarely resurrect an old love. Instead, the encounter offers insight into why the relationship failed.

Daily career tarot

You are positively glowing with happiness! The professional problems that have been troubling you are giving way to a rainbow bringing along joy, satisfaction, recognition, stability and a promotion. Your career is finally getting back on track. Your goals will be accomplished, thus filling you with confidence about the future. You will be given opportunities that will signal the beginning of a new, very promising chapter in your professional life. Your future looks very promising.

Taurus Love Horoscope

What an amazing day lies ahead! You and your partner may manage to escape your workplaces for the day! So this is the perfect time to grab your honey and head out for an adventurous trip to nearby or far off places.

Rather explore everything whatever lies in your vicinity like restaurants, bars, pubs and shops. Behave like tourists and do not recognize any one! Take your camera along with yourselves to capture these moments, try out all the funny outfits and strike such poses too. Take care that you do not go off the limits in case you deeply get engrossed in consuming alcohol.

Towards the end of the day you may discover few new things about your partner which they have never disclosed to you. You are aware of what your partner like and dislikes but are you aware of certain hidden dreams of your partner? You must explore them and help your partner to turn them into reality. You must go against the world or family and do whatever it takes to support your partner.

If you will not be there to take a stand for your partner then stress and strain will definitely take a toll on your partner. And then they are not going to get anywhere, already they are much behind the schedule. So never leave them in the times of need and you too never have to face the such a situation ever alone!

Lucky colors: Tornado blue, silver and apple green.
Lucky numbers: 6, 12, 18, 29