Today’s Scorpio Horoscope – Friday, March 27, 2020

Scorpio Daily Horoscope
You can speculate easily what is about to happen. And you have an expressive attitude with impressive communication skills. So just strive hard for what you want! Refrain yourself from getting into any altercations with aggressive people who are always fault finding.

Scorpio Health & Wellness Horoscope
The stars indicate a high chance of accident today from fire or heat for you. Be extra careful while handling electrical implements or while working in the kitchen. In fact, you should be careful around all hot objects today. You should stay away from firearms. Your stress will manifest itself in irritability which may affect your interaction with others.

Scorpio Daily Love & Relationship Horoscope
There is a third person who will try to interfere in your love life today. It is up to you how far they succeed. If you listen to what they have to say and are influenced by it, your romance can hit a rather rocky patch. On the other hand, not attending to an outsider can help to strengthen your relationship.

Scorpio Career & Money Horoscope
Today under the influence of the planetary energy, you will be able to hear your inner voices. Understand the deep seated meaning of those voices. Once you understand them, you will be able to take on the tasks easily. Also, do not hesitate to express yourself clearly. Use crisp words to express your feelings. Avoid beating around the bush.