Virgo Love Horoscope for Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Daily tarot reading

Your future looks bright! The problems that have been troubling you will give way to a rainbow bringing along joy, satisfaction, inspiration and hope. You will be rewarded for your pains and efforts, and the recognition you will earn will fill you with enthusiasm and happiness. Your desires will be fulfilled and your questions will finally be put to rest. You will experience love and glory, distinguish yourself and stand out from the crowd, and build a solid foundation for the future. You will be given opportunities that will signal the beginning of a new, very promising chapter in your life.

Love Tarot Card

Today we have the Hierophant card reversed. When a card comes to us in this position, it means the qualities of the card have become unbalanced, resulting in either excess or lack. A reversed Hierophant may mean that you and/or your partner feel oppressed by convention. You quarrel about the kind of wedding ceremony which will suit both of you as well as your families. The upside-down Hierophant can also mean a sense of boredom with your ordinary, everyday life. You and your partner need to add excitement to your lives. For single people, the reversed Hierophant often suggests you cannot find love because you do not fit the social norms of those around you. Others view you as flouting the rules they obey. You must decide if you want to gain acceptance by conforming, or seek a more like-minded group.

Daily career tarot

Your mind is filled with negative, unpleasant thoughts about your career and finances. Despite your pessimism, though, you are not ready to give up just yet. You will continue to pursue your goals with tenacity and resilience, and may even resort to devious means to accomplish them. Be careful, though; lies and sly, underhand tactics can undermine the stability of your professional and financial life. You need to behave in a prudent, rational manner in order to avoid doing things you will later regret.

Virgo Love Horoscope

You are, by nature, a methodical person and tackling every situation in your life with careful analysis has served you very well in the past. But now that there is a romantic interest in your life, you will find that this slow methodical approach is not working out very well.

The reason is that you are approaching the problem from a logical standpoint rather than from an emotional angle. However, love requires investment of your emotions.

So, you will need to abandon a lifetime of methods and habits and think of completely new ways to engage the interest of the person in whom you are interested. The task is not at all difficult, but it will require you to give up your carefully cultivated reserve.

On the other hand, the person in whom you are interested is likely to be confused and even hurt by your reticence. That person is eagerly waiting for a declaration from you.

But you are finding it difficult to verbalize your feelings. This person is very open and impulsive and tends to wear the heart on the sleeve. It is this openness which actually attracted you in the first place. But you will need to take the first step.

You will have to acknowledge and speak about your feelings before you can take a concrete step towards a lasting romantic partnership. Once you manage to open up, your partner will do the rest and you can be sure of receiving a commitment.

Lucky color: Orange, red, maroon
Lucky number: 31, 67, 22