Virgo Love Horoscope for Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Daily tarot reading

Your mind is overflowing with thoughts and desires, but you are about to enter a period in your life that will be fraught with setbacks, obstacles and instability. Things will not go as desired. You will often find yourself wishing you could magically change everything in your life, but your inability to set a schedule and stick to it, combined with your indecisiveness, lack of courage, and unrealistic view of things, will prevent you from accomplishing your goals. You will often tend to hide (or even hide from) the truth, and your unwillingness to face unpleasant situations head-on will cause your problems to accumulate and spiral out of control.

Love Tarot Card

Today’s love tarot card is the Moon. This card counsels you to remember that uncertainty and mystery are as much a part of life as toast and coffee. Remember that relationships and people go through phases. Your partner’s tastes change over time; his or her moods vary day to day. Some days your relationship will offer moonlit ecstasy; other days the two of you bicker about small things. Your life as a couple contains both wildness and domesticity, like the dog and the wolf in the card. What remains important is the connection between you. It is possible to be deceived by a lover. But it is equally possible to be deceived by our own hopes and fears. Lasting love does not mean unchanging love. Maintaining your relationship means accepting the risks that trust entails. The Moon card’s appearance in a reading can relate to you and your partner buying a home or becoming parents. For single people, this card can mean listening to your dreams and intuition. They may offer guidance to finding love.

Daily career tarot

Your intuition is peaking and helping you sort out some professional and financial matters that have been puzzling you for a long time. Follow your instinct: it is currently very reliable and will guide you in the right direction. Try to avoid impulse spending. You are prone to making plans that are not grounded in reality. If you feel tempted to act in secret, lie or hide the truth about a professional or financial matter, keep in mind that, sooner or later, it will all come out in the open; so try to behave as prudently as possible!

Virgo Love Horoscope

You are very excited today. There is something special that you have been planning for a long time and you wish to put it into action. The time is very good and lucky. Therefore, the stars tell you to go for it.
Your partner is in an assuming mood today. He/she can sense the excitement but does not know where it originates.

Therefore, he/she will keep speculating and might keep asking you to help him/her figure it out. Your partner is a person who trusts you with all his/her heart. He/she relies on you to help him/her figure everything out and trust your judgment. Similarly, when you need help, you will always find your partner around without fail.

Today is a good idea to plan big decisions although it is recommended you discuss with your partner before planning the big plunge. While everything seems favorable for the two of you, your stable and happy relationship seems to drawn some envy. Therefore steer clear of gossip, rumor and unwanted affection. Although nothing you see or hear will adversely affect your relationship, the age old mantra is always reliable – better safe than sorry.

Today is a day which is mostly about planning or putting long overdue planning into action. Spend the day well according to your wishes and spoil your partner by addressing his/her every whims and spending on him/her well. Wrapping up the day with a candlelight dinner is highly recommended.

Lucky colors – wisteria, sky blue
Lucky numbers – 4, 19, 23, 33